Neal Boortz does indeed have a few words for President Obama. He makes some extremely good points which I would point out to you as things I should have realized as I wrote Yes, She Did That. yesterday:

  • The government is by the people, for the people. The people are not for the government, nor are they created by the government.

  • The very businesses Obama and his administration are vilifying are the very businesses who do the work of the government. None of the towns around where I live do their own paving. Our town outsources its IT department. Power lines were installed by a private company (though with public oversight). The USAF’s airplanes, the Navy’s ships, and President Obama’s campaign busses are built by private companies. Successful private companies.

Obama touted the internet as having been invented by the government, but overlooks the power grid and the cell phone system as equally important accomplishments which were created by private firms. Successful firms. Firms created by innovators who had a vision and overcame everything the government threw at them, and who succeeded. Along the way, they created millions of jobs. I doubt very strongly that our government would have nearly the success if it tried to do the same things.

  • Without successful businesses, the only way for us check writers to get something done will be to hire the government to do them, and we know how efficient and lean our government is. One need only look at the former USSR to see where this path takes us.

The funny thing is that the same roads which carry the innovators to work are the same roads which carry the high school-educated welfare recipient to the store. We the people have contracted with our government to provide these opportunities, but some of us choose to use them differently than others. If all it took to achieve success were a paved road and an educated population, there would be no failure.

One more time: The US will fail if we continue along President Obama’s path of ensuring that success is no longer desirable.


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