People arguing in the subject post that the iPad is not a PC use the following (in my opinion) specious arguments:

  • It will confuse people.

Useless argument. People can be taught, and they’ll learn that tablets are PCs as soon as you guys agree that they are.

  • Smartfridges will be classified as PCs, as will digital watches, smartphones, etc.

No, they won’t. The primary purpose of the PC is… nothing in particular. That’s why the Xbox and Nintendo DS are also not PCs. And neither is a smartphone.

  • Tablets are used only for a limited set of uses which look a lot like a portal to the Internet.

OK, but what do most people use their definitively-classified-as-PCs PCs for?

The iPad—and all other tablets—are PCs. Now, can we get on to something more useful, like arguing about how well Madonna did last night?

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