It’s clear that Warren Buffett is on Obama’s team, but that much notwithstanding, what about the Oracle of Omaha makes what he says any more right than the next guy? He says, “Tax the extremely wealthy.”

I say, “What’s ‘extremely wealthy?’”

He says, “Earners of $1M or more per year.”

I say, “Why $1M? What’s so special about that?”

And he has no answer.

But given the liberal propensity to tax, it’s just as likely to be $250,000 (Obama’s definition of “rich”), which sounds like a lot of money, but isn’t necessarily a lot if you’re married, filing jointly, and burdened by, say, student loan debt. (See this link for a bit more on the subject.)

The money quote?

The American Spectator… simply asks, “… [W]hy do Buffett and the other rich people so ready to pay more have to be told to pay more? Why don’t they just pay more on their own?”

So just pay up, Mr. Buffett, and put your money where your mouth is.

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