Why This Chart is Irrelevant


A popular chart making the rounds of the liberal blogosphere shows just how evil Republicans are in demanding that the Federal Government do what it expects its citizens to do each and every day: balance a budget. The graph claims to show that George W. ran up the debt four times as much as Barak H. has so far. Aside from the unfair comparison of the damage (or good) done by a less-than-complete term vs. two full terms, the argument comes in two ways, either as “If they can do it, then so can we” or “Why are they so worried about it now? I mean, look at what they did already!

Both arguments and the chart miss the point because they are all couched as Us vs. Them. It’s not about Us or about Them. It’s about this:


[chart redesign by COGITATIĀ·VITAE]

Let’s be clear: it’s not about what has already been done. That’s the past. This is about the future, and it’s very clear from the graph above that we cannot possibly continue on the course where the bottom part of the graph continues to grow out of control while the top part fails to materialize, time and time again.

What’s happening in the Congress right now on both sides of the aisle is our representatives are whimpering in the corner saying (in their best Roger Rabbit voice), “P-p-p-p-leathe! P-p-p-leathe let us borrow more money! We p-p-p-p-romith we’ll be good!” We promise spending cuts! And a balanced budget! Really! Just give us our fix now!

What other members of Congress are saying is, “No!” which is what I, and millions of other voters, sent them there to do, and still expect them to do.

History will simply repeat itself if our representatives don’t do what it is we sent them to do, and the time is now. Why now? Because the representatives who are saying “No!” have some leverage, and it’s the debt ceiling. It’s as simple as that. Give up the debt ceiling, and the leverage is gone… as is any hope of ever getting a real balanced budget.

I don’t care who it was who did that. A lot of them were voted out of office, and new blood was sent in with promises that they would change Washington. Unfortunately, with tonight’s announcements, it looks as if we’re going to have to vote them out of office yet again in hopes that another class of representatives can hold their freaking spines+ and actually solve the problem instead of kicking the can past the end of their terms.

But I’m not holding my breath…

+ A play on RedState.com’s call for the House GOP to “Hold the freaking line.”

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