(Pages) Spell Check has stopped working: Apple Support Communities


This page discusses what happens when Pages, part of Apple’s iWork suite, stops spell checking automatically. I discovered this page as I was working this evening on a document which was previously a Word document, and there is one relevant tip on the page which might be of considerable use to those of you who are facing a similar problem.


Automatic spell checking (where misspelled words are underlined in red) in Pages does not work. Typically, the document is imported from Microsoft Word.


The primary problem seems to be that the text is either mis-flagged as being something other than English or is not flagged as being English at all. Selecting all of the text in the document (Command-A), opening the Inspector, clicking on the “T” (for “text”), selecting “More” and then selecting the desired language for the text even if it is already selected seems to tag the text appropriately. Spell check should then work properly.

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