Proving Teamwork Can Span Administrations: How the U.S. tracked down bin Laden |


Money quote:

The man they’d been looking for—one of bin Laden’s trusted couriers—had been known to them for many years but only by a nom-de-guerre provided by a detainee being held by the United States. Four years ago, they figured out his real name; two years ago, they got a handle on where he lived.

I.e., if you think this was an overnight success, you’d be wrong. This is actually an amazing tidbit, that catching bin Laden relied on one teeny, tiny piece of intel provided well over four years ago! That, folks, is perseverance!

To President Bush’s credit, he set this one up. It takes leadership to see the big picture, to make tough calls and stand behind them in spite of the boo’s from the crowd. He ordered the drive, his team ran with it, and he never lost faith in their ability to finish the what had been started. Well done, Sir!

To President Obama’s credit (because it is due here, naysayers), he recognized a good thing and again, in spite of the boo’s from the crowd, let the drive continue. He, too, did not lose faith in his team. When they said, “Boss, we can score,” not only did he send our military into a sovereign state without even the common courtesy of a “Here we come!”, but he also did so without backstopping his decision: it was his and his alone. He ordered his team do what they needed to do. Bravo!

So congratulations to two Presidents who (1) had the chutzpa to stick it out despite public opinion and (2) make it happen when the time came, both to finish it and to start it in the first place.

President Obama, President Bush, my hat’s off to you both.

Source: USA Today

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