Who?: Microsoft delivers its 'other' tablet operating system: Windows Embedded Compact 7 | ZDNet


From ZDnet, this gem:

Microsoft officials have attempted to distinguish slates and tablets running full Windows 7 from those running Compact 7 by saying those running the Windows Embedded Compact OS are meant to be consumption devices, rather than consumption and creation devices.

A few questions:

  1. Do they really think that the public cares about what sub-brand of Windows they have? If a consumer picks up a “consumption” device and likes it, he probably won’t care that he doesn’t have the “creation” version of Windows. Simplify. Call it Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop, or Windows Server.
  2. How many “Microsoft officials” were involved in this tragedy?
  3. And why nameless officials in the first place? For comparison, can you name Apple’s primary spokesman?

[Via DaringFireball.net]

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