Sermon Starter: Speed vs. Area


In Sunday School today, we watched a video from NOOMA. Though I can’t quite agree with everything that the host said, the discussion sparked in me an interesting comparison.

We oftentimes look at the technology that we have in our lives today and wonder how we aren’t getting any less busy as a result of our increased capabilities. I made the following statement:

There’s a thing about driving. It gets us farther, faster, certainly. But the net result is that we open up so much more territory. Whereas with walking at 4 miles per hour might limit the area you can reach to about 50 square miles, in a car we can go 10 or 20 times as fast, so the area we deal with is 20,100 square miles. It’s not simply 10 to 20 times as great an area, a mere 500 to 1000 square miles. No, it’s an exponentially-greater area that we deal with because of the faster speed.

I liken our technologies and “improvements” thereto to the faster car. Sure, we can get there faster, but for some reason our scope doesn’t stay the same size as before the improvement in technology. Instead, the area, or scope, of our lives and what we focus on increases exponentially. There’s more to take in, there’s more to see, and there’s considerably more area that needs to be taken care of and dealt with.

Do I know the solution to this problem—if it is, indeed, a problem? No, I don’t. I suspect for some people the additional area’s not a problem. Business is what they are designed for. For others, it might be 100% of the problem.

Anyway, this is just an observation. Feel free to expand it into a sermon for your own congregation.

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