You Aren't Innocent: Climate of Hate |


Dear Mr. Krugman,

In your column of January 10, 2010, you blame the leadership of the Republican Party for the pervasive climate of hate in this country. Because, however, you conveniently ignore the role that the media and entertainment industries play in spreading the ideology and hate of the Democratic Party, you believe that the leadership of the Democratic Party is able to wash its hands of this issue.

You are wrong.

Instead, the leadership sits complacent as the media and entertainment industries spread the hate for them. If you are willing to tell the Republicans that it’s not good enough to not spread such hatred, then you must also tell your supporters that they, too, must abide by the same rules that you propose other citizens play by.

While Madonna and others were willing to spread hatred of our previous administration, the Democratic leadership was silent. Their silence speaks volumes.

So until you blame everybody whose rhetoric has been violent for the past nine years and demand that they all step up and take responsibility for the resulting “climate of hate,” I’d suggest you keep your one-sided and biased opinions to yourself.

Respectfully, and, coincidentally, not hatefully,
Bill Eccles
Republican, Conservative, and Non-Hater

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