Some Valid Points, But...: More on Conservative Political Violence | Movin' Meat


This guy has a valid point: violent rhetoric is not necessarily a good thing. But I take exception to statements such as this one:

It’s the LEADERS of the conservative movement who use the threat/promise of violence to stoke their base and bring the voters to the polls.

True, the mouth and the head are connected here. But don’t for an instant think that just because the words aren’t emanating from the mouths of the “LEADERS” that the sentiment isn’t there—the followers of the left are just hearing it from different sources. I cite all previously-given examples of major figures in the media and entertainment industries (Madonna, Fonda, etc.) as proof, and the deafening silence from the “LEADERS” as further evidence of complicity among the liberal leadership.

If the “LEADERS” were so vehemently opposed to such rhetoric from the media and entertainment industries, they would be verbalizing their opposition to it instead of accepting in silence the resulting support of their followers.

Both sides need to shut up and talk issues—supporters and leadership alike.

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