Better AirportAmerican Security: The intel numbers game | PolitiFact


OK, so Clinton didn’t quite gut the American intel budget. And maybe it was Bush the First’s fault. I don’t particularly care. In any case, I’m guessing that what America needs now, more than ever, is better intelligence, both foreign and domestic. After all, it’s a lot easier to cure a cancer with early detection than after it’s grown to unmanageable size.

So let’s cut the “guns budget” and put the money where it needs to be: in intelligence. People on the ground. Recruits in foreign service. All that stuff. You know, Bond, just without the flashy car, the showy women, the drinking, etc. Heck, let’s get the Russians on our side—our enemy is their enemy, too. Think about how effective that partnership would be.

(Anybody know who the American equivalent to the James Bond character is? Has there ever been an equally famous fictional CIA character?)

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