Pot Calling Kettle, Pot Calling Kettle, Come In, Kettle: Obama accuses Republicans of peddling snake oil | Reuters


Well, ain’t this just nifty: Obama is accusing the Republicans of peddling “snake oil.” Sorta’ reminds me of somebody’s campaign in… hmmm… was it 2008 or so? Something about “hope” and “change”—two incredibly intangible concepts unto themselves.

At least the Republicans are offering something of substance. And since Obama knows nothing of substance, I’m going to have to discount his opinion.

As I’ve said time and time again: Change is running on the other guy’s weaknesses, not your own strengths.1 And hope is incredibly difficult to legislate.2

1 Now we know why he chose this tactic.

2 Though apparently you can try to buy hope for just under a trillion dollars.

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