Obamacare Tastes Bad: Why Democrats are hurting | CNN.com


Money quote from this op-ed piece by Julian E. Zelizer, emphasis mine:

The study found that Americans are philosophically conservative but operationally liberal. While they do express strong distrust of government in general, when asked about specific programs they usually voice their support. More Americans have more negative views of government than they did 10 years ago, yet most people still consider Social Security and Medicare to be “very important” and almost half support government regulation of health care.

If you’re wondering why Americans are rejecting the current Congress and why Democrats are hurting, wonder no more, though the article goes on for a few hundred words more and he misses the glaring, huge point.

The point is this: When the Congress does something (Obamacare) of which less than half the people in the country approve (and which this writer and others view as a victory, nonetheless) and are more negative about government than before, the Congress should expect some turnover in the party which did the doing.

Or did everybody forget 2008 already?

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