Left Wing Media? Or is There an Innocent Explanation?


Now wait one minute. Perhaps you just read that last entry of mine and went, “Huh?” After I hit the “Save” button, I re-read the headline of the article, which gets automatically carried over to this blog when I reference it. I then edited my article by adding “Not Enough Eye of Newt” to the headline, which I assumed was the same as what Google Reader had picked up, and it made sense as I thought I had written it. “Not Enough Eye of Newt: Source: Israel Rejects Clinton Proposal” But what got picked up my my blog software was not the original headline. It had been revised, so what you read wasn’t quite as funny (if at all… and I’m not sayin’ the new version’s much better, come to think of it).

Here’s what the original headline said as Google Reader picked it up three hours ago:

Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 9.47.44 PM.jpg

Boo-yah! In yo’ face, Hilary!

But here’s what the CNN website says now:

Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 9.51.01 PM.jpg

Ah, that Hilary Clinton, what an excellent choice by Mr. Obama.

Googling the original headline turns up lots of hits at 5:35pm, the original publication time. None of the sites with the original headline are CNN.com… except for the CNN International site. Googling the revised headline reveals it may have changed about 6:04pm. (Amazingly, Google returns my post as well, published only minutes ago.)

One is decidedly more negative. Is CNN covering for the Obama administration? Or is there something much more innocent going on here? I don’t think there’s anything innocent about this.

At least they don’t call themselves “Fair and Balanced.” They don’t even try.

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