GOP's Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O'Donnell Not a Big Fan of Evolution | Daily Intel


Ah, let the ridicule start.

Oh. It already has, courtesy of, among others, a Mac pundit. (John, stick to Mac punditry. You’re superb at it, and I don’t think your occasional blurbs on politics are going to get you a job at The Times like your Mac stuff got you a job with Macworld.)

The only problem with evolutionists is that the things they thought were right, as in, scientifically observable humma humma humma, are sometimes wrong.

Of note, there wasn’t a triceratops. Nope. Got that scientific observable humma humma fact wrong.

Nor was there a brontosaurus. Darnit, Fred, whatcha’ gonna order if not a Brontosaurus Burger?! Wasn’t that a scientific observable humma humma humma fact, too?

And that whole fine-structure alpha constant? Might not be so constant after all.

Furthermore, evolutionists believe that it’s not possible for God to have created the world/universe/McDonald’s in six 24-hour days. But somehow they are willing to believe that nothingness became somethingness in a cataclysmic event called The Big Bang. Guess what?

These things were, you know, right based on observed fossils. Things left behind that we can see, feel, touch, and interpret.

Just as the Bible is something that we can see, feel, touch… well, read, anyway… and interpret.

So while you’re bending over backwards to avoid political incorrectness, to avoid denigrating Muslims and Islam, don’t forget to avoid making fun of regular old people who choose to believe something different than you do. I believe they deserve the same courtesy as everybody else.

Including evolutionists.

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