Massive Flooding, But Just How Massive? Really Massive


This article on tells that one-fifth of Pakistan is flooded.

But… so what? Pakistan is, you know, like, tiny, right?

Nope. Its area is somewhere between that of Texas and Alaska—actually, about 15% bigger than Texas, our second-largest state. (Alaska is twice Pakistan’s size.)

So how much of Pakistan is flooded? Lest than Wisconsin, but more than Georgia, 62,080 square miles. Nearly two South Carolinas. A little more than Washington, DC, plus Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. Or Kentucky plus West Virginia. Get a map. See how big that is?

It’s big.

For a country which is totally above sea-level, that’s a mind-boggling figure.

Donate to the relief efforts here, remembering that not all of the people of any country hate us. Some are just stuck there, and in this case, are very, very wet.

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