Dumb Computers: DPUC: Get ready to change the way you dial in CT

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I don’t get it. With the new 10-digit dialing we have here in Connecticut, I have to dial an area code plus the usual exchange and number—a total of ten digits, hence the name—even for local calls. But if I’m dialing “long distance,” I have to dial a “1” as well.

If I dial ten digits and the call is “long distance,” then a computer jumps on the line and tells me I should dial a “1” as well.

If I dial a “1” and the call is “local,” then a computer jumps on the line and tells me it is not necessary to dial a “1.”

OK, people, if the computer is smart enough to have told me I should dial a “1” or not dial a “1,” why can’t it just place the frickin’ call?

And who cares if it’s local or long distance anymore? If I am on an unlimited whatever wherever (in the US) calling plan, it doesn’t matter. Can’t the computer figure out to whom it matters and only warn them? For Pete’s sake, the cell phone companies have this figured out. Why can’t my local phone company?

Oh, wait a minute: I have AT&T for both local and cell service. Can we get those departments talking to each other, please?

Stupid computers. They just do what we tell them to.


Joel Bernstein said:

You still dial numbers?

Bill Eccles said:

Still yet, yeah. It's a bad habit caused by having a landline. Gasp! If somebody came up with a web app that let me click on the phone number in the browser and then somehow connected the call to my home phone, that would be waaaay cool. It probably exists, but I haven't gone looking yet.