Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself: The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown | Telegraph Blogs


The original article cites these reasons, summarized for your reading pleasure by Blonde Sagacity:

  1. The Obama presidency is out of touch with the American people

  2. Most Americans don’t have confidence in the president’s leadership

  3. Obama fails to inspire

  4. The United States is drowning in debt

  5. Obama’s Big Government message is falling flat

  6. Obama’s support for socialised health care is a huge political mistake

  7. Obama’s handling of the Gulf oil spill has been weak-kneed and indecisive

  8. US foreign policy is an embarrassing mess under the Obama administration

  9. President Obama is muddled and confused on national security

  10. Obama doesn’t believe in American greatness

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