Well Said: Jan Brewer responds to Eric Holder's Justice Dept | Desert, Science and Hot Dogs: The Three Sonorans


The complete text of her response is reported by the Three Sonorans.

I am sorry that the US is wasting my Federal tax money on suing Arizona, and I’m especially sorry that it’s a double waste for Arizonans whose State tax money is being wasted in defense of this frivolous suit, too. When Arizona wins, I hope it sues for legal fees.

While the Obama administration is fighting this one based largely on hype and on the theoretical, Constitutional level, her response makes it clear that it’s the practical that matters here, and that Arizona is doing its damnedest to be fair, open and transparent in its implementation.

So whether this theoretical argument holds water or not, bully for her, and Yay! for Arizona. You’ve got a governor with brass ovaries, and there are a lot of states who’d do well to have a governor as good as the one you’ve got.

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