Huh? (Part II) Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs |


It doesn’t matter the source of the news. When it’s this stupid, it deserves recognition.

Nancy Pelosi believes that unemployment checks are creating jobs. To save you the clickthrough, I’ll summarize: if the US Government gives you unemployment benefits, you will spend the money on things which will create demand which will create jobs.

Sounds pretty good. Except…

She ignored a pretty important fact: unemployment benefits don’t generally cover much more than rent, food, gas, etc. There isn’t much room for discretionary spending. So, while unemployment benefits are good for keeping your landlord off your back and a roof over your head, they aren’t likely to cause you to rush out and buy the latest iPhone or a new car or, well, much more than you need. You would, in fact, be better off with a job which would give you the ability to spend beyond your needs.

I expect Pelosi and Obama to team up shortly to explain her new math to the American public. They’ll give it a fancy acronym and then blame the Republicans for not supporting it, which of course will cause the failure of Western civilization.

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