Hello, Australian Fever User! Glad to Have You on Board!


For most of you, this is going to be a, “Huh?” post. But if you are in Surry Hills, 02, Australia (What’s the “02” mean?) and you use a feed reader called Fever, would you mind turning it down just a touch? For starters, it looks like you have two different versions of Fever running side-by-side (1.15 and 1.11). Since they’re looking at this site twice an hour each, the bandwidth is adding up. (It’s surprising how much 44K+44K+44K+44K… ends up being.)

If you could make one of them check only, say, two or three times a day, and maybe turn the other one off entirely, I’d greatly appreciate it. I guarantee you won’t miss any exciting, breaking news if you don’t check quite as often because… well, because I never post anything that “breaks,” exactly. (I’ll leave the determination of “exciting” up to you.)

To the others of you who use Fever, thank you for keeping the pinging to a minimum as well. Like I said, I don’t publish any more than about 2-3 posts a day… heck, sometimes even per week… so you won’t miss anything hot of you don’t update but one or two times a day.

And, as those old guys used to say, Thank yew fer your support.

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