Cut the Guy Some Slack: Obama vacation brings rest, relaxation and rebuke |

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This article tells how Americans are a bit peeved that Obama took a vacation to Maine instead of sticking around to run the government into the ground manage the BP oil crisis.

I don’t like Obama. Never have, never will. But I think what I like even less is the stupid American public whose perceptions are apparently that (1) their leaders are “supers,” (2) their leaders don’t deserve a break, too, and (3) their leaders can’t lead effectively from somewhere else.

Look, Stupid American Public (you know who you are):

(1) Obama isn’t water resistant to 5,000 feet. He can’t go down there and fix the leak himself. The best he can do is talk about it, and the likes of CNN and Fox are doing enough of that already. His noise would just get lost in the “news.”

(2) He deserves a break—from what, I don’t know exactly, but even I get vacation from my relatively calm job. And did you ever wonder what a Presidential vacation is like? Do you think the job ever really stops? If Obama had to schedule his vacations around every crisis, he’d never be able to take a vacation in the first place and he’d be stuck paying all kinds of cancellation fees. (I wonder if he got a discount with the USAF for a Saturday night stay?)

(3) If you think that Obama has to be in the White House to govern effectively, then you are living in the middle ages when the castle was the seat of the king’s power. This man is more connected than any other person on the Earth, this I guarantee. He can launch a nuclear first strike from Kennebunkport, from Kalamazoo, from Kankakee, or from kilometers in the air. He can get E-mail, text messages, and top secret FLASH messages wherever he is. He can call a press conference anywhere he is because the doggon’ press travels with him. And since he—one man with one body—is one entire branch of the government unto himself, he doesn’t even require a quorum or majority to be present to get action.

Good grief, people. It almost sounds like you’re expecting him to do anything different than any other President in any other administration.

I can’t believe I’m saying this: Get real and give him a break.


Sister said:

Hear hear Big Bro!

Apparently we read the same news and one of the points was aimed at the number of vacations he's had since April. Did people forget the man is also a father of two school-aged children? Perhaps he's taking his kids on vacation during the summer break like any other parent would instead of being an irresponsible parent and taking them out of school when it's convenient for him and the US.

I agree, give the man a break.