AP Promoting Racism: Rep. Maxine Waters to face ethics charges | USATODAY.com


The full text of the article, found here, essentially says that Representative Maxine Waters* is going to be investigated for ethics violations. That’s the gist of the story. But in the story, I found this sentence:

Both Waters and [Representative Charles] Rangel are prominent members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

I ask you, What does this declaration have to do with anything? It is the only mention of race in the story, and, other than the fact that it’s true, it’s totally irrelevant. Is the AP trying to imply that only members of the CBC are being investigated? Well, let’s see some evidence. Is the AP implying that only members of the CBC are unethical? Again, let’s see some evidence. If, for some reason, the story had to do something with race or racism, then this otherwise-superfluous sentence might have a place in the story.

But it doesn’t belong here, and it is representative of the type of misuse of media which promotes racism instead of bridging the racial divide.

* Interestingly (to me, anyway), when I initially wrote this entry, I had written “Democratic Representative Maxine Waters” and “New York Democratic Representative Charles Rangel” when referring to the two representatives under (or potentially) under investigation. I went back and edited out the unnecessarily-divisive reference to their parties, as it has no bearing on my point. It is, of course, relevant to the AP story because the article is making a point that the Democrats are going to have a harder time keeping the majority in the Congress with problems like these.

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