I May as Well Say It Here, Too: You Say "Misstatements," I say "Lies."


G.O.P. Senate Candidate Acknowledges Misstatement - NYTimes.com

To quote me from another entry, with slight modifications:

I don’t get it. “I misspoke.” “I made a mistake.” But no “I lied.” Or “I would have crushed a witness who perjured himself like I did if I had been on the stand.”

C’mon, Mark: Try it. I lied. Betcha’ can’t do it. And I bet the media won’t let you get away with it, too.

and this:

A friend of mine from high school had this to say:

“Yep, I say lies too. We never would have stood for this kind of crap when I served in Grenada. ‘During’ Grenada, I mean. ‘Burgers during’ Grenada, I mean.

“What a maroon. Partisanship doesn’t trump dishonesty; if we Dems feel like we need to count on the vote of a liar to win, we deserve to lose.”

I have to agree completely, and not from the partisan perspective: if anybody feels like they have to count on the vote of a liar to win, they certainly deserve to lose.

Well said.


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