An Open Letter to ALa of blonde sagacity

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Dear ALa,

Not too long ago, you declared that you might have had it with the whole blogging thing. There’s not enough revenue. It takes too much time for too little public response. There’s always Glenn Beck.

“There’s always Glenn Beck?!” Are you crazy?

I’m pretty sure that until Glenn Beck marries someone in the armed forces (and sticks with that marriage through thick, thin, unemployment and deployment), lists his occupation as “educator,” moves from Connecticut (Hi, neighbor!) to Philly, drops some pounds and years, changes his gender, and gets a whole lot better looking, then his viewpoint will not be the same as yours.

“There’s always Glenn Beck.” Pshaw!

Anyway… I’m not writing to change your mind.

Because, other than that whole Glenn Beck thing, you’re right on the money. Blogging consistently takes time, and you certainly won’t find conservatives (big C or little C, doesn’t matter) voicing their opinions, either in the comments or in their own blogs. You see, the problem with most of us Conservatives is that, as I’ve said before, we’re too conservative. Worse yet, most of us are too lazy to Get up! Stand up!, as the song says.+ So to expect anybody to respond, even if they agree with you? It feels like standing in front of a class of students who really couldn’t care less about what you’re saying, trying your damnedest to get their attention, and still getting “Meh” from them. Been there. Done that.

You, however, are clearly not too conservative or lazy, content to rest on your rear and let the country go its own way. Instead, you have taken the time, made a huge effort, and stood up for what you believe is right, and Right, too. That makes you the exception, not the rule, and it’s something for you to be proud of.

Not that I’m writing to say, “Lemme’ tell you a thing or two, li’l missy.” Nope. I’m totally in agreement with you. You’ll notice on my blog that I don’t have ads, so my revenue is negative. And if you search for comments? You’ll notice that I may as well be talking to myself. I know how you feel to some extent.

So if you decided to quit tomorrow—or even today!—I could and would totally understand.

Please know this, however: I have appreciated reading what you write. I have appreciated the tidbits which you’ve thrown our way. I have genuinely thought our families would get along just fine, and yet I don’t know you or The Man at all. I have enjoyed the viewpoints of someone with whom I don’t agree 100% of the time, but agree with enough to know that with enough of us, the country could be headed in a better direction.

If only people knew we existed. If only others would voice their opinions, too. If only the loudmouth liberals weren’t the only ones publishing, voicing, arguing, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. If only…

ALa, I’m sure there are lots of people out there who are long-tail bloggers like I am. I post only about 4 times a week, I have 13 Google Reader subscribers (Hi, y’all!), and I see about 1,500 unique visitors to my website/blog per month. We probably wouldn’t be missed if we dropped out of the conversation. But you’re further into the main body of the tail, and I’m sure that your 176 Google Readers and 20,000 visitors (or more!) will miss you.

Or rejoice that you’re sticking around.

Either way, congratulations on making it this far, thank you for the last six years, and best of luck and blessings in your other endeavors,

Bill w alpha.png

+ Note to RNC and others who think this might be a good theme song for your campaigns: Read and understand the lyrics before you make that decision. It’s a shame. Catchy tune, great hook, but definitely not in line with your values.


Steve said:

Hi Bill,

I guess it is a lot of work to blog. I have often thought of it, but don't have the time. Keep up the good work though. I enjoy reading your blog!


ALa said:

Thanks Bill...that really does mean a lot. If I can shed the GUILT of not posting 3-4 things a day, I think all will be well :)

Bill Eccles said:

You're welcome!

And don't I know it... Took me a while to get over it, but once you do, it works out OK.