Another Way of Looking at "Apple Technical Note TN2267"


As explained by Engadget, this technote is a bone lobbed gently towards the slobbering beast that Adobe has become in recent months. The technote says that it Apple is giving programmers (including Adobe’s Flash plugin developers) access to hardware acceleration for H.264. And that’s all fine and good, because the net result will be lower power consumption when using Flash to deliver video encoded with H.264.

Less power? As in “longer battery life?”

Yeah, as in “longer battery life for those Macintosh laptops that are selling like hotcakes.” According to Apple’s numbers, the average selling price of Macs is down, implying the lower-end models (laptops, anyone?) are selling better than the more expensive ones (desktops, anyone?).

Would longer battery life yield a better user experience? You betcha’. And that’s just what Steve Jobs wants.

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