Agrees With Me: The 'Cost-Control' Health Care Illusion: How Peter Orszag and the White House sold a health-care illusion


I feel vindicated. The Wall Street Journal gets it.

Some notable quotes:

…the Senate bill does everything the experts recommend to “get at the underlying drivers of health-care costs.” — Peter Orszag, Obama’s budget director

…there is “no master plan for dealing with the problem of soaring medical costs.”— Atul Gawande in a 5,000 word essay published in The New Yorker arguing in favor of ObamaCare

What they’re finally admitting is that all the grandiose talk about “bending the curve” used for months to sell ObamaCare really comes down to their hope that bureaucratic improvisation will make a difference over the long term.

And, as I’ve said before, hope is impossible to legislate.

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