Poll: Health care plan gains favor


This poll shows that Americans are warming to the health care plan. But they’re still not overwhelmingly in favor of it. Heck, we’re not even regular ol’ in favor of it yet.

(Insert cartoon sound of double-take here.)

I don’t get it. Congress voted to pass legislation that American’s didn’t want in the first place? Yeah, I knew that all along, too, but Pelosi and Obama want to go down in history for… for what? Working against their electorate?

Who put them in charge?

Oh, right. You. Some of you, anyway. But I’m pretty sure that you didn’t vote Obama in because of his stated position on healthcare as much as you voted a Republican out.

Again, change isn’t running on your strengths, it’s running on your opponent’s weakness. And hope can’t be legislated.

You fools.

Let’s hope you can change your ways in November, shall we?

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