New York Times: The Rage Is Not About Health Care


Somehow, Frank Rich thinks that Republican “anxieties” are tied to a rapidly-changing America as if our “anxiety” is caused by race. He’s missing the freakin’ point, to paraphrase Joe Freakin’ Biden.

Frank Rich seems to think that taking back the country is all about taking it back from the people in it as opposed to the people who run it. No, it’s not about taking the country back from the majority of Americans who opposed the health care clusterfreak that just passed through our Congress. Most Americans agreed with us, for Pete’s sake! It’s not about taking the country back from the millions of hard-working Americans who oppose tax hikes. It’s not about taking the country back from millions of hard-working Americans who run their own small businesses. In fact, we’re not “anxious” about taking the country back from blacks, whites, Hispanics, dogs, cats, parakeets or salamanders, as if any of these groups are the ones running the country in the first place.

I’ll have you know that I, a staunch conservative, Conservative, republican and Republican am not anxious to take the country back from anybody except those who don’t represent my interests, namely this currently-seated Congress. I don’t give a damn about what color, race, creed, gender, political inclination, sexual orientation, or Starbucks Coffee preference you are so long as you represent my opinion. If you got elected and you don’t represent my opinion, I don’t want you in Congress. It’s that simple.

Think that’s selfish? Well, then, next time you step into a polling place, vote for somebody who doesn’t represent your point of view, who doesn’t represent your opinion. You can’t and you won’t do it. Because you realize that it’s all about having your opinion represented. That’s what our forefathers fought and died for. That’s what millions have died for over the intervening centuries. And it’s what we’re fighting for now.

Anyway, you may call me “anxious”—if you like that word—because I am anxious that Congress is running roughshod all over what I and many millions of other Americans view as our right to representation. We are seriously underrepresented. We are definitely disenfranchised. And having leadership which seems hell-bent on getting its way in spite of what we, the American people, clearly prefer is significant cause to be anxious.

Shoot. You want disenfranchised? Anxious?

I am a Republican. I live in Connecticut. Need I say more?

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