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Obama and most Americans want one thing but are demanding another:

They say they want affordable healthcare and then demand insurance regulation.

But until the cost of healthcare is reduced, then there’s no way to reduce the cost of insurance. The insurance companies won’t operate at a loss, that’s guaranteed. And if the government picks up the slack, then it’s you and me who will suck up the difference. That will only go so far and last so long before the country collapses.

Simply: if you want lower priced insurance, you’ll have to find ways to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Congress should take the “retreat” as an opportunity to do what I said a long time ago: fix the root cause of the problem, and not the symptoms. Examine why healthcare is so expensive and fix that. Then insurance costs can be reduced, or if necessary, regulated.

This article turned out to be pretty helpful in understanding Open Directory, though, admittedly, I haven’t given Apple’s documentation a try just yet.

As someone who is just getting clues about how good still shots are taken, I find the first picture in this series awe-inspiring.

And not because he’s a Democrat who’s leaving the Senate, either. No, it’s because this guy actually makes sense.

Unfortunately, he won’t be sticking around to see the changes made that he’d like to have made. Maybe you should ask your Senator why he or she isn’t taking up Senator Bayh’s torch?

Read the entire article here.

(Thanks, Dad!)

What’s the story with all of these new Muppet clips? Love ‘em!

Fake Steve Jobs "Gets It"


I take exception to his language. But in today’s entry, he just plain gets it. He expresses precisely one of my many reasons that I can’t stand Windows:

That’s also one reason (among many) that Windows sucks. It’s always there, getting in your way, pretending to be helpful but really just pissing you off, like that waiter who keeps stopping by your table asking you if you need anything else, and is everything okay, and how do you like your dinner. When it’s not doing that, WIndows just keeps making you do things in ways that aren’t intuitive, that aren’t natural. It keeps jarring you, getting in between you and whatever it is you’re trying to do. There’s too much there there, if you know what I mean.