Something So Wrong About This: New ad campaign touts 'made in China' -


A recent article in USA Today says that China is trying to promote itself as a wonderful place to have your products manufactured.

I’m guessing that these won’t be themes throughout the campaign:

China: Our laborers are underpaid, so your prices are low!

China: We copy your intellectual property so Chinese companies can make products more affordable so our underpaid laborers can afford them!

China! China! China! (It sounds so much better when 50,000 workers chant it in gratitude to the Motherland.)

China: Making lots of cheap crap so you can buy it because you’re too cheap to buy American.

China! You don’t have a choice but buy our stuff because you’ve demanded lower and lower prices and to remain competitive, the companies you have been forced to offshore their production to us, because that keeps your prices down. Yay, China!

Made in China! Now displayed proudly on the front of the product, too!

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