Sluggish VMWare Fusion 3.0 Caused by AVG Free 9.0


I’ve been having wicked-bad performance problems with VMWare Fusion 3.0—the frustrating, I-want-to-hurl-it-through-the-Windows kind of performance problems. Turns out it’s a combination of v3.0 of Fusion and AVG Free 9.0

Since we changed antivirus protection types from a site license to a pay-per-copy license, I had to change to a free antivirus checker, and chose AVG Free 9.0. After that, performance went downhill. Windows would crawl along (refreshes were slow, sometimes not occurring at all), usually after resuming a VM, one core would jump to 100% usage, and Windows thought life was hunky dory because it shows 0% CPU usage. I.e., Fusion was working very hard, even though Windows was not. Weird.

Turns out, it’s a known problem with v3.0 of Fusion and AVG Free 9.0, and if I’d bothered to read the release notes, I’d have never chosen AVG Free. After uninstalling AVG Free and installing avast! antivirus, which got good reviews from reputable sources, the problem has gone away.

Hope that helps someone…

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