Sermon Starter: Our Cup Runneth Over


Here’s a “Sermon Starter,” an idea that I hope proves to be useful to someone in his or her quest to arrive at material for next Sunday morning’s sermon. I’ve occasionally had thoughts—fractional ideas, really—which I have thought would make the basis for a great sermon. But having no pulpit and having not one iota of theological talent, I’m unable to deliver on the goods. So here is a Sermon Starter. Feel free to use it in your message, and don’t hesitate to write your source into your notes.

Our family was reading in Luke 9 last night and the thought occurred to me that there are twelve baskets of leftovers mentioned in verse 17. Interestingly, throughout the Old Testament, the people get just enough. Manna, for example: just enough.

But now Christ has come along and, whammo! Our cup runneth over. Twelve baskets of leftovers. More than enough. A surplus. More than “a portion.”

Interesting, huh?

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