I Have the Inside Scoop on the Apple Tablet!!


It all came to me last night in a dream about the product announcement. Let me describe the new and innovative interface that Steve himself showed me:

At the top of the screen will be a menu bar. I remember “File” being on there. To use the “File” menu, you simply touch it and drag down. As you do, a 26-letter menu appears, much like a vertical keyboard. This allows you to drag each letter of the command.

To open a file, you would merely drag your finger around from the “O” to the “P” to the “E” to the “N” tiles. That’s it! So simple that anybody who can remember what is supposed to be under the “File” menu can use it!

Of course, the fact that Steve was dressed as a nerd and the whole announcement took place in the bleachers of a school gym make me a little suspicious of the quality of the revelation.

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