Daring Fireball Linked List: YouTube Now Testing HTML5 as Alternative to Flash


Amazing. Courtesy of Gruber at DaringFireball.net, I just signed up for the beta of HTML5 video playback on YouTube. You can, too. Just click here. Don’t be afraid, “beta” is not as bad as it sounds. It’s just a Google codeword for… for… well, nobody’s really sure.

Is it worth clicking through to sign up for this beta? If you use Safari or Chrome on a Mac, the answer is not just Yes, but rather Heck, yeah! I just watched a short video with this new playback method and my laptop barely broke a sweat. Watching a YouTube video with Adobe Flash causes my laptop to break out in tears begging for mercy, for me to put an end to it before it self-imolates under the strain of the bloated framework that is Flash.

If there were any better proof that Apple was wise in its decision not to allow Frickin’-Flash on its iPhone platform, I have yet to see it.

(I also use ClickToFlash as a preventative measure. It makes web surfing so much more palatable, and my laptop loves me for it.)

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