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This chart is rather interesting. It compares the various markets of two juggernauts in the world of electronics and web presence, Google and Apple, and… Yahoo… which is pretty much a has-been.

While interesting, I think that’s not a really great comparison. While Google may want to be everything Apple is (and seems to be headed that way), Apple doesn’t want to be everything Google is. Furthermore, Steve Jobs doesn’t want to be Eric Schmidt/Sergey Brin/Larry Page/whoever. They might want to be him, but not the other way around.

So, if I had to pick someone that Steve Jobs might aspire to achieve parity with (if he doesn’t already think of himself as being at the top of the heap), it would be Sir Richard Branson.

Interestingly, Virgin is a $9.6 billion company, and Apple is a $50+ billion company.

I’m not exactly sure why I think this. Perhaps it’s because much of what Virgin does, Apple does: entertainment and mobile services. Maybe it’s because Steve is rich enough to begin investing in other enterprises that are closely tied to his interests. Goodness knows, an Apple airline would be an interesting item. Of course, he would never do that because he couldn’t control the whole widget, which includes TSA, in order to make the entire flight experience a Jobsian one.

Anyway. Just thinkin’ out loud.

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