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I like mashups. Don’t know what a mashup is? From Wikipedia, then:

Mashup: a digital media file containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video, and animation, which recombines and modifies existing digital works to create a derivative work.

Simple enough in concept, but darned difficult to do in reality. Most mashups I’ve seen are pretty lame. So when I come across one that’s particularly good, it’s going to get shared.

(Two videos below, total playing time here of about 8 minutes, so if you want to see just how good a good mashup should be and your time is limited, skip to the second video and sample a bit of it.)

Here, for example, is Peanuts vs. The Police.

It’s pretty good. You might actually think that Linus is singing what Sting sings. But then the guy who did that one did this one, and did it even better than that one!


Bergamot said:

You've seen this one, right?

Bill Eccles said:

And there are a bunch of other good ones that show up with that particular video. I happened to pick my two favorites of the bunch. This one, too, is great.

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