Daring Fireball Linked List: Building a World That "Gives Life to the Promise of Our Founding Documents"


“To any American who isn’t happy about our president having won the Nobel Peace Prize: There is something wrong with you.”

To any American who is happy that our president won the Nobel Peace Prize, or, more to the point, thinks he earned or deserved it:

You should be embarrassed that the committee devalued the Prize so drastically.

Apparently, winning merely takes reading clever campaign slogans, holding a job for 143 days as a caster of votes or 12 days as a winner of votes, or promising change but delivering nothing yet.

If there was one Nobel Laureate who built a world which gave life to the promise of our founding documents, he is Martin Luther King, Jr., and no other American, before or since, earned and deserved it as he did.

And Barak Obama is no Dr. King.

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