AppleTV 3.0: Some Things Right, Some Things Still Wrong


There’s no doubt that I like my AppleTV. But note that I said “like” and not “love.” It’s not the same kind of game-changing product that the iPhone or iMac are. Fortunately, it just got a minor rev which makes it more likable.

For example, the new main menu is incredibly improved. This one change alone is worth the price of admission. I still can’t believe that the previous version was something that Apple actually let go out the door. The main menu was on the left, so selecting something was a matter of pressing up/down until you get to the main item, using right to access the right submenu, then using up/down again to highlight the right item. Then you used the play/select button to select it. All rather unwieldy.

Now, it’s just like it should be. Left/right to select the main menu, up/down to select the submenu item, and play/pause to choose it. Hmm… just like the Sony PSP, which got it right first. (Somebody call the doctor! He’s going off the deep end!)

Internet Radio… Yay! Favorites for Internet Radio! Even better!

Otherwise… it’s pretty similar to what it used to be like, and really should only be called “AppleTV 2.5”. But you know what? For a hobby, it’s pretty good.

Now, what could be improved? More screenscaver show styles. And it still doesn’t show a partially-watched indicator (the half-filled circle) for shows that are partially-watched. (That one seems like a no-brainer to me.)

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