And So It Begins: Life With a Mastiff


The family just got a mastiff.

For the record, he’s an English Mastiff, and his name’s Sir Humphrey of Laurel Mastiffs. We’ll just call him Humphrey, of course.

At the moment, he’s all of 17lbs., but since his dad is about 220lbs 270lbs now and his mom’s about 175lbs, we’re not expecting the 17lb figure to hold for very long.

We got him from Laurel Mastiffs just to the south of Buffalo, NY, and the trip unto itself was an adventure with the rain that we had (both ways). Fortunately, we had a very nice visit at Laura’s and the choice was pretty obvious. He’s “Olive Boy” in the online gallery.

Cute, huh?

Yeah, heartwarming, actually. Friendly as heck, playful, and apparently smart, too, though I haven’t had a chance to test that out yet as he can’t quite reach a keyboard yet.

Anyway, we’re off on this adventure that is being a mastiff family, and we’re looking forward to it.

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