Conservatives are... Conservative, Part II

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In perusing my friends’ status updates, especially in recent days as they all argue for socialized medicine and rail against parents’ right to choose whether or not to allow their children to watch Obama’s “message,” I realized something else about conservatives.

We are lazy.

Yes, not only are we conservative, but we’re also lazy. L. A. Z. Y.

I am intrigued to see that my liberal friends are quick to jump up and down and holler and yell and scream that conservatives are “nuts” and “morons” and “crazy” in our beliefs.

Instead of taking the time to respond, we’re lazy. We’re content to sit back and say to ourselves in a smug sort of way, “I’m not worried. Other people will see that lunatic’s ravings and recognize them for what they are: lunatic ravings.” The problem is, that ain’t the case.

I’ve witnessed it firsthand on Facebook as others on the lunatic fringe join in the fray, take up the cry of battle, and echo a chorus of nonsense. And like the proverbial meatball, it rolls down the pile of spaghetti, picking up sauce on the way to the floor… and to a bigger mess.

Once again, people, I urge and implore you: when confronted, don’t roll over and take it. Respond, sensibly, and ensure that your opinion is heard among the noise, too.

C’mon, conservatives! Loosen up!

Or kiss your freedom goodbye.


JessD said:

The problem is that they aren't interested in sensible responses; they roll off like water off a duck's back.

It's a lot like arguing with children. They don't want to recognize that it's bedtime, and therefore no matter how much you point to the clock, state facts about previous experience, appeal to rational arguments about the need for rest and patterns of behavior, they are going to shout you down with "I DON'T WANNA!"

John Carter said:


You are correct of course- we mistakenly believe that they couldn't possibly believe the nonsense and illogical arguments- I mean no right thinking individual could- could they? But there, as you have pointed out, is where we go wrong. They aren't always interested in logic and debate and thinking (if I may be so bold). The emotion and what constitutes "good intent" is more important. Even when I have either posted articles on FB or written a post myself, the comments frequently come back as the "it's not fair" or "what about so and so" and other ad hominem rhetoric. The thing is when I or others have come back and explained our position or laid out a logical argument the next thing we hear (figuratively) are crickets chirping. So while the instinct may be to throw our hands up and stop- the real thing to do is to press on and to continue to make our arguments in a reasoned, logical, yet passionate manner. It may not be for the people who comment back with insults and no real argument- but more for the people who read and never comment, but may think about what we've said.