Obama hits golf course to start Vineyard vacation

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Great. The President takes a vacation at taxpayer’s expense when most taxpayers can’t afford to take them this year.

For the rest of us who work for a living—especially my wife, who is working twenty hour days to afford his government and to save as much as possible before his health care and tax nightmares set in—this is insulting.


Scott said:

Hmm... Literally first time reading your site, but I'd be curious to know whether you made snide comments about Bush taking more vacation time than any President in history. And also, regardless of who's in the oval office, I think it's safe to say it's an equally or more taxing job than anything you've done, with respect to your wife's difficult work schedule (how did she ever afford Bush's government?). But maybe you reserve the "For the rest of us who work for a living" comments specifically for Democrats...

His Shadow said:

Your health care system already is a nightmare. When you have to choose between solvency and your child or spouse, your system is completely screwed. If universal health care is such a nightmare, why do so many Westernised countries live longer than US citizens, and how does a country like Canada not only have healthier citizens, but until the economic downturn, had 7 consecutive government surpluses?

Most of what you have been fed about "socialised" medicine is a lie, bought and paid for by insurance companies.