More Nice Snow Leopard Refinements: Now With 20% Less Pestering!

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Snow Leopard (MacOS X 10.6) really doesn’t offer a whole lot of new features. But some of the refinements, such as the AirPort “searching” ping! are just plain nice.

Before 10.6, clicking the eject button next to a mounted volume in the Finder’s Sidebar yielded no action until the volume was actually ejected. -And if something was using a file on that disk, it would warn you about that fact and then do nothing. You just wasted two clicks.-

Now, if you click the eject button, the volume is immediately grayed out. -And it stays that way until it’s not busy anymore, at which point it gets ejected.- Or “put away,” if you remember that terminology.

Updated: Aw, crud. Turns out I was wrong about that busy thing. Finder still insists on telling you that you just wasted a click. Poop. gray_disk.jpg

And when a server gets disconnected, as often happens when I go from LAN to VPN mode, you can tell MacOS to ignore the fact that it lost the connections to those volumes, as shown below.


Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Now with 20% less pestering!


jake said:

I'm really digging Snow Leopard, but I have my fair share of qualms as well. No more cut and pasting Address Book contacts??? Check the rest out here: