Mac OS X Snow Leopard Fixes the "Connect to Server" Dialog Gripe


Well, fixing this gripe alone is worth the $29 that Apple is charging for MacOS X Snow Leopard. I use that dialog box constantly and the changes in it address all of my previous concerns.

In my previous post on the subject, I complained that the dialog box pops into existance with two active-looking controls. (Problem 1.) No more. Only the text field is highlighted, and tab takes you to the list box where…

…no item is highlighted, but pressing the down arrow selects the first item in the list and then down from there. Pressing the up arrow selects the last item in the list and then up from there. That solves Problem 2, and it’s more intuitive than my original suggestion of using a grayed-out item (which may or may not have matched the item in the text field, so Apple’s one up on me there).

Problem 3 is solved, too, as resizing the dialog box no longer deselects anything that shouldn’t be deselected.

Alas, Snow Leopard doesn’t fix Problem 4. I won’t hold my breath, but I think that fix is just around the corner.

Updated: Looks like at least Problems 2 and 3 were fixed prior to 10.6, sometime in one of the later 10.5.x releases. But I’ll still pretend they were fixed in Snow Leopard to make me like the little kitty all that much the more. Besides, Problem 1 is a big one, and I’m glad it got fixed in 10.6.

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