End of the Road: Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard is Intel Only


It’s not a surprise since it was announced many moons ago, but MacOS X Server 10.6, a.k.a., “Snow Leopard,” is Intel-only.

What this means to you, friends, is that I will not be able to provide you with updates on whether or not your PHP installation will be broken by system updates and on whether or not your Time Machine backups are really all there or not.

Sure, that lovely aluminum box in the basement simply radiates strength and beauty simultaneously, but its dual PowerPC G5s are, sadly, Motorola and not Intel processors. (I rather like Motorola’s processors. But they screwed the pooch a few years back and there are just too many other good processors out there, including Intel’s, to be dogmatic in my loyalty.) And I can’t quite justify buying an Intel Mac for the family E-mail and web server… even though all it’d take is one of them new Mac minis… hmm…

(Snap out of it, Bill! Quit daydreaming!)

Or even a refurbished Mac Pro…

(I said stop!)

Hey! Refurbished 20” iMacs are only $850… shipped!

(Will someone please hit him?!)

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