A Modest Proposal... oh, hell, let's call it what it is: a frickin' demand!


At a recent Town Hall meeting, Our Dear Leader said he wouldn’t sign healthcare reform legislation that raised the national debt a dime over the coming decade.

And he means it!


So let’s take him up on his word (he means it!) and demand that Congress add a “revoke if this has added a dime to the national deficit” clause into their massive piece-of-crap healthcare reform bill.*

And if Our Dear Leader had the cojones to do it himself, we wouldn’t have to tell our Congress to do it for him.

Click here to contact your Representative.

Click here to contact your Senator.

(I am left wondering how he’ll ensure that the costs are delayed by ten years…)

*Any healthcare reform bill that doesn’t even mention tort reform is 100% crap. Be sure to mention that in your letter.

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