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Better Off Dead?


23 of the top 25 music videos on iTunes are Michael Jackson’s. Any bets on how long until Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas are off the list?

Kleenex, Xerox, Google... Bing?


Overheard at a Group Meeting...


We had a group meeting a few weeks ago. Our manager, obviously perturbed, had written a few numbers up on the board. With no explanation, he said, “Does anybody know what these numbers are?”


Dead, uncomfortable silence. We knew these numbers meant trouble.

Then, from the back of the room, one of the techs said…

“That’s the money we could be saving with Geico?”

Even the manager lost it.

Where Do We Get Our Values?


I have finally reached the conclusion that the leadership of the United States, namely President Obama and his ilk, haven’t got the first clue about values. While they may know the meaning of the word, they don’t understand that for something to be of value

The recent court decisions (which have been overriding the wishes of the

Religions based on the Bible, namely Judaism and Christianity, which

[Obama’s expansion of benefits for same-sex partners gets mixed response http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2009/06/17/2009-06-17govtworkersgetsamesexbenefitsboost.html

Makes me want to cry..

If only this were the pervasive mood in Hollywood…

This montage of cool guys, walking away from explosions, should be subtitled “How to tell ‘Whodunnit’: Look who’s not looking at what they dun.”

Four Word Movie Review: Up


On "Gay" Marriage


There was a time when “gay” meant “happy.” Now it means something