Bass Ackwards: Cocaine Use is OK; Tax Evasion, Not So Much


According to this article, yet another Obama-nominated candidate is being grilled because of tax avoidance questions and will likely withdraw her nomination, if she follows the pattern of other recent candidates.

Now, let’s put things into perspective here: in most cases, if you screwed up your taxes and the IRS figures it out, you generally have to pay the IRS the back taxes, plus penalties, plus interest. No big deal, right?

But if you screwed up and got caught with cocaine, you’d serve jail time. Up to seven years. And maybe even get fined up to $500,000.

So which is more severe? Cocaine use or tax irregularities?

Doesn’t matter what you think: Congress and 53% of the American public seem to agree. A cocaine-using President is OK, a tax-evading public servant is not.

Does this make sense to anybody? Anybody at all?

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