Why I Blog About Technical Stuff


A friend of mine (Hi, Ania!) pointed out to me that I have an awful lot of technical stuff on my website. I assume that she was talking about this blog, and I answered her thusly:

I’m gonna’ guess that you stumbled upon “Bill’s Words?” Yeah, I do throw a lot of technical stuff up there, but it’s usually for me more than anybody else. If I wrote a note somewhere, I might never find it again. If I kept a file somewhere, I might never remember that I wrote the info down in the first place. (I have, on more than one occasion, re-solved a problem, much to my disgust.)

But if I blog about it then Google picks it up, and my first step in troubleshooting any technical problem is to Google the problem. And when I do so, would you believe I always find my blog entry? It’s happened, and it’s cool when it does. (Hey! I did solve that problem before!)

I don’t care if you read my blog. Ever. If you do, and you get something from it, then great! What a bonus!

Blogging is dead? Not for me, thanks.

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