Pure Horsehockey: On Celebrities, CEOs and Colonoscopies


Joe Nocera thinks he knows something about privacy, and I think he’s full of crap.

In his blog entry today, he says:

There are certain people who simply don’t have the same privacy rights as others, whether they like it or not. Presidents. Celebrities. Sports figures.

No. That’s wrong. Completely and totally wrong. Everybody has a right to privacy, and unless you are undertaking an activity that requires you to breach your privacy in order to complete that activity, your privacy is your privacy.

Presidents, maybe. But celebrities? Sports figures?

Puh-leaze. Just because a bunch of ravenous fans elevate me to superstar status (maybe even against my will) doesn’t mean I have to let anybody perform a colonoscopy to see if I’m healthy enough to justify betting your life’s savings on my next game.

And the same goes for CEOs, too, no matter how cool they may be.

(Hat tip to Daring Fireball).

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